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[3.12] PoE Heist Trickster Flame Wall Shadow Starter Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)

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Flame Wall is a 3.12 new spell skill. Create a wall of fire for a duration, which deals burning damage to everything in its area. As far as dot damage, Flame Wall has a surprisingly high base damage, with a base damage of up to 2281 at level 20. This PoE 3.12 Heist Shadow Flame Wall Trickster Build very friendly to starter, easy and safe. Thanks to the ascendancy of trickster, we can have up to 7000 ES/HP and have multiple defense mechanisms such as evasion and dodge.

[3.12] PoE Heist Trickster Flame Wall Shadow Starter Build (PC,PS4,Xbox,Mobile)


Quick Jump

Pros & Cons

  • + Fast 1 button clear
  • + Good single damage
  • + Cheap to start
  • - this is Dot build
  • - canot do reflection


Skill Tree

Ascendancy: Patient Reaper -> Prolonged Pain -> Ghost Dance -> Escape Artist

Bandit: Kill All

Passive Tree

0~21 -> 43 -> 64 -> 77

PoE 3.12 Heist Trickster Flame Wall Shadow Passive Skill Tree





Gems Setup

Flame Wall

Flame WallBurning DamageEfficacy - Controlled DestructionSwift AfflictionElemental Focus

Switch to Awakened Flame Wall when you have a budget


Fireball - Ignite Proliferation - Combustion SupportControlled Destruction - Greater Multiple ProjectilesIntensifyEfficacy / Fork Support


Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Vaal Righteous FireIncreased Duration


With 'Curse Enemies with Flammability on Hit' Ring

Malevolence - Enlighten - Summon Skitterbots  - Vaal Clarity

Wave of Conviction - Spell Totem

CWDT - Immortal Call


Without 'Curse Enemies with Flammability on Hit' Ring

Malevolence, Herald of AshVaal Clarity

CWDT - Immortal Call

Wave of Conviction - Curse On Hit - Flammability


Malachai's Artifice: Orb of Storms


Gear Setup


The Searing Touch
+18% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff
+59% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier
85% increased Fire Damage
10% increased Cast Speed
+2 to Level of all Fire Spell Skill Gems

The Searing Touch - Easy and cheap, don't overthink it. It's heist so you could go for the "fire modifiers are 8% more effective" enchant. I don't have it.


Hubris Circlet
Quality: +20%
Energy Shield: 225
+52 to maximum Energy Shield
56% increased Energy Shield
+83 to maximum Life
+14% to Lightning Resistance
+11% to Lightning and Chaos Resistances

Helm - Ideally you get a rare with -9% to nearby enemy fire res. I don't have one, don't need it either. Go cheap, get a 2c helm with 200+ ES, 70+ life.

Body Armour

Carcass Jack
3% reduced Movement Speed (Hidden)
(120–150)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
+(50–70) to maximum Life
+(9–12)% to all Elemental Resistances
(40–50)% increased Area of Effect
(40–50)% increased Area Damage
Extra gore

Tabula w/ +2 duration also a good choice for starter

Gloves /  Boots / Belt / Ring / Amulet

Roll high life/ES/resist

For Endgame

Find "+#% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier" mod on gloves

Find "ignites damage more quickly" mod on Boots

Find + level of skill gens mod on Amulet, Allocates Arsonist

Amber Amulet
+26 to Strength
+23 to Dexterity
16% increased Evasion Rating
+27% to Chaos Resistance
+1 to Level of all Fire Skill Gems
+1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems
+14% to Lightning and Chaos Resistances

This is a +1 fire skills, +1 int gem ammy. Just alt spam the two mods and use an awakener orb. Make sure that each alt spammed ammy only has a single influenced mod to ensure that only the +1 mods get picked.


Cluster Jewels:

Large (8 passives) - Burning Bright + anything NOT cremator
Medium x2 (<=5 passives) - Burning Bright + Cooked Alive (it stacks)
Small - I don't run smalls, just get some generic +%life and %FDoT

Poacher's Aim - Yup, exactly 1 pierce really helps w/ clear.

Watcher's Eye - Damaging Ailments you inflict deal damage 15% faster while affected by Malevolence. Not required.



1 - 12

Fireball (1) - Combustion Support (8) - Volley / Lesser Multiple ProjectilesBlastchain Mine (8)

Flame wall (4)- Arcane Surge (1)Onslaught (1)


12 - 24

Fireball (1) - Combustion Support (8) - Volley (8)


Blazing Salvo (12) - Combustion Support (8) - Controlled Destruction (18)

Flame wall (1) Controlled Destruction (18) - Elemental Focus (18)

Other Skills

Flame Dash (10) - Arcane Surge (1)Herald of Ash (16) or Summon Skitterbots (16)Wave of Conviction (18)Smoke Mine

24 - 31

Fireball (1) - Combustion Support (8) - Volley (8) Controlled Destruction (18)


Blazing Salvo (12) - Combustion Support (8) - Controlled Destruction (18) - Added Lightning Damage

Flame wall (4) Controlled Destruction (18) - Elemental Focus (18)

Other Skills

Flame Dash - Arcane Surge, Herald of Ash or Summon Skitterbots, Wave of Conviction, Smoke Mine, Malevolence (24)

31 - 38

Fireball (1) - Combustion Support (8) - Volley (8) Controlled Destruction (18)


Blazing Salvo - Combustion Support (8) - Pinpoint (31 The Library) - Intensify (31 The Library)

Flame Wall Controlled Destruction (18) - Efficacy (31 The Library)

Other Skills

Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Second Wind (31 The Library)Herald of Ash or Summon Skitterbots, Wave of Conviction, Smoke Mine, Malevolence


Good Unique for leveling: GoldrimTabula RasaWanderlustLochtonial CaressLifesprigAxiom Perpetuum


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