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PoE 3.15 Expedition Builds

The Expedition expansion will feature the Expedition Challenge League, four new merchant NPCs, 19 new Skill and Support Gems, massive balance changes, a flask system rework as well as new item types. Early on in the story, players will bump into the Kalguur, a band of foreign traders on the trail of some long-lost colonists. The trail stops in Wraeclast, which (being unbelievably cursed) is probably where they died. The Kalguur want to recover the magical relics that their forebears carried.


Best and Hot PoE 3.15 Expedition Builds & Guides


Path of Exile 3.15 Expedition All Class Builds


Witch - Necromancer | Elementalist | Occultist Builds

[Expedition] PoE 3.14 Witch Summon Carrion Necromancer Cheap Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Witch Raise Spectre Necromancer Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Witch CoC Volatile Dead Necromancer Tank  Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Witch Flame Wall Elementalist League Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Witch Fast Burning Arrow Elementalist Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Witch Storm Band Elementalist Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Witch Vortex Occultist Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Witch Essence Drain/Bane/Contag Occultist Life&LL Build



Shadow - Assassin | Saboteur | Trickster Builds

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Shadow Toxic Rain Trickster League Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Shadow Essence Drain Trickster League Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Shadow Assassin Storm Brand Endgame Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Shadow Autobomber Herald of Thunder Assassin Fast Clear Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Shadow CoC Ice Nova Assassin Endgame Build - Life / LL / CI

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Shadow Lightning Trap Saboteur League Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Shadow Glacial Cascade Mine Saboteur Boss Killer Build



Ranger - Deadeye | Raider | Pathfinder

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Ranger Tornado Shot Barrage Deadeye Cheap Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Ranger Ice Shot Fast Deadeye League Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Ranger Toxic Rain Pathfinder Beginner | Easy | Endgame Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Ranger Scourge Arrow Pathfinder Fast | Tanky | Beginner friendly Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Ranger Caustic Arrow Raider Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Ranger Frost Blades Fast Raider Build



Duelist - Slayer | Gladiator | Champion Builds

[Ultimatum] PoE 3.15 Duelist Cyclone Champion Beginner Build

[Ultimatum] PoE 3.15 Duelist Ground Slam Champion League Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Duelist Bleed Earthquake Gladiator League Starter / Budget Friendly Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Duelist Lacerate Gladiator Tank / Fast ClearSpeed / Easy Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Duelist Gladiator Impale Cyclone Easy Build



Marauder - Juggernaut | Berserker | Chieftain Builds

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Mauarder Bladestorm Juggernaut Cheap Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Mauarder Molten Strike Easy Juggernaut Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Mauarder General's Cry Blade Flurry Berserker Boss Killer Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Mauarder Impale Cyclone Berserker Fast Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Mauarder Tectonic Slam Chieftain Tank Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Mauarder Bladeblast Chieftain Starter Build



Templar - Inquisitor | Hierophant | Guardian Builds

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Templar Archmage Ball Lightning Hierophant Tank Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Templar Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant Easy Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Templar Spiders Guardian Herald of Purity Easy Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Templar Dominating Blow Guardian League Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Temple Reap Inquisitor League Starter Build

[Expedition] PoE 3.15 Temple CoC Ice Nova Inquisitor Starter Build


Scion - Ascendant Builds