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POE 2.4 Necropolis Recently Asked Questions

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POE 2.4 Necropolis Recently Asked Questions

Path of Exile: Necropolis will begin March 29 12PM (PDT) on PC, Mac and Consoles.

In this thread, we'll round up any questions we answered elsewhere in the community so that you can find all that information in one easy place. The most recent information will always be at the top. We intend to update this post every weekday with any questions that have been answered that day. We will also fold out FAQ news posts into this post as they happen. When we add a new question and answer, we'll reply to the thread so that it gets picked up by various community trackers.


Are scarab drops divided into different levels of rarity? Is farming white maps the most efficient way of farming scarabs?

Yes, to a degree. Some are only able to be found in higher level areas.


Desecrate's base skill effects are affecting performance. Can you please fix it?

We have a fix for this coming at launch (we've enabled Dynamic Culling for the skill so its performance should be better if you have the setting enabled).


Some gems in the 20/20 Gems post had ''You cannot use this Attack directly'' or ''You cannot Cast Supported Triggerable Spells directly'' removed from their text. Does this mean those skills can be used?

Those old descriptions were leftover from a previous implementation and haven't been necessary for many years, and were inconsistently applied to skills/supports. In 3.24.0, the actual skill popup for a triggered skill will specify that it can't be used directly because it is triggered, and if it is disabled due to having multiple triggers on it, that will also be clearly communicated now, where before it was not.


Regarding the Back to Basics node, does it mean that ''randomly spawnable'' mechanics have no chance to appear, or that you can't force mechanics on maps if you take that node?

With Back to Basics allocated, you can't force mechanics on a map, even with scarabs. Extra content scarabs aren't consumed when this node is allocated.


Are the Hillock crafts for adding quality to weapons and armour still available somewhere?

No, but you can still get above 20% quality from things like beastcrafting, tainted currencies and Perfect Fossils.


How many collectible corpses can we expect to find per area/map?

This will depend on how much you juice your maps as it scales with Necropolis passives and pack size. As a rough estimate, maybe 3 from a rare map.


How many corpses can be stored in the Necropolis morgue?



Can multiple of the same Allflame Embers packs be used on the same area?



Are Tier 17 Maps affected by your Atlas Passive Tree?



Can you still get 8 modifier maps as an outcome when corrupting?



Will existing Maven's Invitations in Standard league be deleted?



Are Maven's Writs still itemised drops or will they be provided by Kirac as well?

Maven's Writs have not changed in any way and are still itemised drops.


How do collectible corpses work when playing in a party? Do all players get the corpse?

The instance owner will always get the corpse. Other players in the instance at the time the corpse drops have a 50% chance to also get it.


Could you clarify the wording of mana cost for the new Archmage? Is the ''Supported Skills have added Mana Cost equal to 5% of Unreserved Mana'' added to base mana cost and increases/reductions are applied to this cost, or is it added at the end, without a way to reduce/increase it?

It is added to the base mana cost.


Can you still get boss fragments (Shaper, Atziri) from Stacked Decks and Diviners Strongbox?

You can't get things like Eldritch Decay because Uber Elder Fragments are a boss drop, but you can get cards like Last Hope and Sambodhi's Vow because Mortal Fragments aren't exclusive to boss drops.


Does the Cartography Scarab of Corruption work with Tier 17 maps?

Tier 17 maps cannot drop Corrupted.

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